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As the holiday season comes here is my Gym Girl Gift Guide. these Amazon Products are a great addition for the holiday season if you are stuggling to get gifts for your girlfriend, sister, wife, mother.

Gym Girly Gift Guide

Christmas Pine Tree

Every girl needs a good pair of headphones for the gym. These are fantastic wireless headphones. 

Body Suit 

This body suit is so cozy to hang out after the gym. It is also a great option to workout in. Comes in several colours 

Biker Shorts 

These biker shorts are the best! They are so comfy, have pockets, come in different lengths. Every girl needs a pair 

Strappy Sports Bra 

This sports bra has a really fun strappy back. And comes in so many colours 

Scrunchie Watch Band 

These are the comfiest watch bands out there. 
Comes in a pack of 4. 

Nike Socks 

These socks are a perfect stocking stuffer. They are so comfy and go with every gym fit. An essential for the gym. 

Daring Greatly 

This book is amazing. Brene talks about being vulnerable and the power of being vulnerable. Highly recommend.  

Weighted Blanket 

If you struggle with sleeping, this blanket is a lifesaver. It feels like a big hug. The weight makes your nervous system calm down. 

Gym bag 

This gym bag as a spot to store your shoes and many pockets to keep your bag organized. 

Pony Tail Ball Cap 

Having a ball cap that you can wear with a pony tail at the gym is so handy. 

Fitness tracker 

Having a fitness tracker is a great way to stay accountable and track workouts. 

Goal Setting Planner

This planner as really helped me set goals and get things done quickly. 

Adjustable dumbbells 

If you have a home gym this is such a great choice for weights. You can change the weight so you don't have to buy 10 sets of dumbbells 

Yeti Bottle 

I never leave the house without my yeti bottle. It keeps my water cold forever. I also love the size, I find I drink more. 

Lounge set  

This set is so cozy to hang out in. It is a great post workout fit to throw on after a nice shower. 

Lifting Straps 

Our legs are strong it is our grip strength that gives out. These are a great addition to any girl's gym bag who lifts heavy! 


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