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As a Personal Trainer I am always seraching for the best products in the field. Here are a few of my must have products from amazon. 

I am an Amazon Affiliate.

Biker shorts .jpg

MUST HAVE Amazon Biker Shorts 

These biker shorts are not only a soft buttery texture, they have pockets and come in so many different colours and lengths 

Bands .jpg

Amazon Resistance Bands 

These resistance bands are great, they have an inner lining to ensure they don't slip down. They also come in 3 different resistances. 

Massage gun_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Massage Gun 

A massage gun is essential for a heavy lift day for me. These massage guns go at different speeds to help relax your muscles. 

Apple Air Pods 

These are a staple for me at the gym. Having good wireless headphones is essential. These are light weight and easy to use. 


White Noise Machine 

I cannot sleep without white noise now. This machine will play a variety of different sounds to help you fall asleep. 


Yeti Rambler 

This bottle holds 26 oz, is super easy to drink out of and keeps my water cold. I don't leave the house without it. 

Nike Socks 

These are a great addition to any gym outfit. These socks are so comfy and perfect for a gym sesh. 


5 Minute Journal 

This journal takes 5 minutes a day to write out the prompts. Self love and care is so important to my every day routine.

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