As a Personal Trainer I am always searching for the best products in the field. Here are a few of my must have products off amazon. 

Biker shorts .jpg

MUST HAVE Amazon Biker Shorts 

These biker shorts are not only a soft buttery texture, they have pockets and come in so many different colours and lengths 

Massage gun_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Massage Gun 

A massage gun is essential for a heavy lift day for me. These massage guns go at different speeds to help relax your muscles. 


White Noise Machine 

I cannot sleep without white noise now. This machine will play a variety of different sounds to help you fall asleep. 


Yeti Rambler 

This bottle holds 26 oz, is super easy to drink out of and keeps my water cold. I don't leave the house without it. 

Bands .jpg

Amazon Resistance Bands 

These resistance bands are great, they have an inner lining to ensure they don't slip down. They also come in 3 different resistances. 


Ankle Weights 

These ankles weights are a great addition to any lower body day. they are easy to use and it is crazy how much 5 extra lbs adds! 


Running Arm Band 

I love going running but need something to keep my phone on me. This arm band is perfect for that. It is comfortable and easy to use. 


5 Minute Journal 

This journal takes 5 minutes a day to write out the prompts. Self love and care is so important to my every day.