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MY JOURNEY: My health journey is a complicated one just as I am sure yours is as well. I have struggled with health issues my whole life. When I was living in Panama, Central America (2007-2012), I found out I had a gluten allergy. My world was flipped upside down. Everything I normally ate was making me sick and causing my body to hurt itself. It challenged me to create my own food alternatives so I didn't feel like the odd one out. It helped me discover a passion for food and its effect on the body. 

NUTRITION: At age 15 me and my family returned to Calgary, Alberta, where I begin my formal studies of the culinary arts. During my high school AP Culinary studies of classical cuisine I fell even more in love with food and cooking. 
There are so many dietary needs out there now a days, and I was fascinated with them.  
After high school I entered SAIT Professional Culinary Program. Here I learned more about classical french cuisines, international cuisines, butchery, and food sensitivities.  My discovery of science of nutrition led me to further my studies by entering SAIT Nutrition Program. I spent the next year there studying what happens to food once it enters the body, how important macronutrients are and eating a balanced diet.


FITNESS: While studying my nutrition program, I began working out at the gym as way to manage my stress and grew an interest in movement. I became fascinated that my own body was transforming in front of my eyes. I was feeling stronger, more confident and healthier than ever before. I decided to enter the Personal Training Program at Mount Royal University. I spend the next 2 years studying movement, various body systems, how to achieve specific goals, proper form and technique and ultimately integrate movement into every day life.  I witnessed how movement, nutrition and diet effected my own body. I absolutely loved the program.  

CREDENTIALS: Diploma in Culinary Arts (SAIT 2017), Diploma in Nutrition (SAIT 2018),  Diploma in Personal Training (MRU 2020), Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer Certification (CSEP-PT). Certified Spin instructor, (Spinning 2021). 

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