My Story

Red head standing with her hand on her head with mountains in the background

My health journey is a complicated one just as I am sure yours is as well. I have struggled with health issues, mostly skin related my whole life. When I was living in Panama, Central America, I found out at a young age I had a gluten allergy. My world was flipped upside down. Everything I normally ate was making me sick and causing my body to hurt itself. I fell in love with cooking and creating my own food alternatives so I didn't feel like the odd one out. I moved back to Calgary, Alberta and once I finished high school I went to Culinary School at SAIT where my passion for food continued to grow.

 I fell even more in love with food and cooking once I studied classical cuisines, foundation to food, and healthy alternatives. There are so many dietary needs out there now a days, and I was fascinated with them.  

 I fell in love with the nutrition aspect of food, and once I graduated from Culinary Arts I applied for a Nutrition program at SAIT. I spent the next year there studying what happens to food once it enters the body. How important macronutrients are and eating a balanced diet. While studying my nutrition program I begin to find myself at the gym, and grew an interest in movement. I was watching my own body transform in front of my eyes. I was feeling stronger, more confident and healthier than ever before. 

I applied to Mount Royal University to study Personal Training. I spend the next 2 years studying movement, how the body works, how to achieve specific goals and ultimately integrate movement into every day life.  I was watching how movement, nutrition and diet were effecting my own body. I learned about the body systems, what happens on a scientific level when we work out. I absolutely loved the program. And now here I am. 

I now have my Diploma in Culinary Arts, a Diploma in Nutrition, a Diploma in Personal Training and I have my Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology Personal Trainer certification (CSEP-PT). I am also a Certified Spin instructor. I get to use all 3 of my educational backgrounds to help my clients grab ahold of their health. I would love to hear your story and work together on reaching all of your health goals.