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I like to think of my services as life-changing. If you want to learn more about my clients’ past and current experiences and the amazing results they’ve achieved, check out some of their testimonials below!

Sydney is an absolutely amazing trainer! I have been working with her for a little over a year now and have nothing but wonderful things to say. She is positive, motivating, so knowledgeable, and most importantly understanding of all the things that come up in life. She gets you on track to achieve all of your goals, and helps you maintain realistic expectations (I can’t get abs overnight!?!). I highly recommend working with her, as she’s helped me grow so much both physically and mentally in the last year. 

Katie G (2022)


Meet The Team

I started training with Sydney over Zoom in December 2020 twice weekly when the gyms closed down.

I have really enjoyed working with Sydney as she has been open minded, has a great sense of humor and is willing to accommodate and research ways to work with my physical limitations.  She has truly been fun to work with.
I have spastic cerebral palsy affecting both right and left legs and balance since birth.  I was told not to strength train years ago as it can cause the muscles to shorten more.  After seeing the results of an x-ray to diagnose hip pain and the notation of mild bone thinning, I decided to continue training but with a
trainer for guidance.  I want to be strong for my future self and I need a structured strength training program to do so.
Sydney always takes the last 15 minutes of the training session to ensure I foam roll and stretch as she knows me well enough that I avoid the “maintenance” after the challenge and fun of strength training.

Over the last 6 months, I have gained nearly an inch of muscle on my calves.  My groin and hip pain I lived with for 1.5 years has disappeared (thank you foam rolling) and I have gone from deadlifting maybe 10 pounds to now a personal best of 91.5lbs.  I can lift 45 pound reps in deadlift to build endurance and can clean 25 pounds overhead.The most exciting thing is I know I’ve become stronger.

  My legs are changing shape and alignment through this work.  I have gained more flexibility, balance and strength through coaching.  None of this would have been achieved without Sydney’s enthusiasm and guidance.  She cheers on my victories which inspires me to do more.

Jennifer S (2022) 

Sydney has been such a great motivator in my weight loss and health journey. Not only is she supportive, caring, kind and informative, but she also listens to what I am asking. I've had trainers in the past who just give you a program and send you on your way, but with Sydney it is different. She follows up, checks in, goes above and beyond. She is always there to answer any questions that I might have. She is always there to motivate me when I am slacking off, and goes above and beyond with all aspects of healthy living. From specific routines catered to not only my physical health, but my mental health to. With morning and night time routines.


I wouldn't be at this point in my health journey with the results I am showing without someone like Sydney. She genuinely cares and wants to see her clients succeed. I've not only gained a great trainer with Sydney, but I've also gained a support system and friend.

Seleen R (2022) 

Tired of suffering with head/neck and back/hip pain, I made the conscious decision to start doing what I could to alleviate and hopefully prevent or at least prolong further deterioration.

I started working with Sydney about a year ago, and what a year it has been!  There have been laughs, struggles, and yes, even tears as my frustrations got the best of me at times, wanting to push a little harder, but being afraid to further injure myself, and coming to understand that I can get there, but it can go slower as we age.  I am a “mature” woman after all! 

Sydney has been right there the whole time, being my biggest cheerleader.  Her fitness knowledge and genuine interest in helping her clients achieve is so evident!  She’s pushed when I needed it, seeing by ability better than I can, but also reinforced the need to listen to my own body.

A few months ago now, we did a “check-in” as I was wanting to see what else I could be doing to further my progress.  Having nutrition certification as well, Sydney set me up with a nutrition/meal plan and what a difference it has made!

So here I am, a year later and I feel better, I feel leaner, I “move” better, and I’m seeing muscle that I never have before.  Do I still have pain?  Yes, of course.  But muscle strength and stability are going to be key in my future and I’m so glad that I’ve been developing these habits.  Thanks Sydney!

Sue K (2022) 


"I've been a client of Sydney's for nearly a year and she really showed up when I was ready to change gear on my training. She's incredibly kind and knowledgable and connects with you on a level deeper than 'Just a trainer'. She genuinely cares for your goals and is invested in your success. At this point I think I would follow Sydney anywhere."

K. Miller (2021) 

I have worked with Sydney for over a year now and from the first workout we ever had together I knew that she isn't just an amazing coach she is your friend. Her workouts never felt like an obligation rather a time that I got to hangout with my friend. Working with Sydney helped me not only with my physical goals but made me so much more confident in myself. Fitness is no longer a chore, it's something that I look forward to and I have to say that Sydney helped me shift my entire mind set. Sydney is the most dedicated trainer, she is a bright positive person who inspires me.    

Catherine S (2021)

I started to workout with Sydney just a couple months before Covid hit. From the moment she became my trainer, she upgraded my workouts with the perfect combination of weight lifting, cardio and body weight. I could see my body shape changing. My self esteem and my happiness grew too as energy kept boosting up. Her endless energy, good vibes, and kindness would keep me going even when I felt I couldn't. 

During those months I happened to hit my knee and injury my shoulder, but Sydney would always find the best way to keep me moving safely, and helped me to recover faster. If anything surprised me it was how she was able to modify a whole group workout for someone with a broken leg. It was incredible! 

When lockdown happened and gyms were forced to close Sydney and I kept working via Zoom. Thanks to her I managed to come out of the first lockdown being the best version of myself. She adapted all of the workouts to be body weight and cardio, and managed to make me improve more and get faster than ever. 

It's not only how amazing she is as a trainer but she has lots of knowledge on nutrition and sleep. Her tips for better sleep as helped me going through periods of anxiety. And she provided me with the best way to keep my body. well nurtured given my crazy amount of physical activity. 

I found in Sydney my most caring trainer, an expert on sleep and nutrition, a great therapist, but I also found a great friend since she is so trustworthy. My life has definitely had a 180 shift since I have known her, all for the best. 

Maria F (2020) 

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